Two Seconds In.

It all spirals,
Boils down to crumbs.
Again, no matter how much I get up,
I stumble two seconds in.

Waves of emotion.
Unsure if I'm just 'being dramatic', or my human is telling to...
be Human.
Again, I try.

Wherever I go, I try to see.
The beauty in the sky, the rustling of the leaves.
I try to see, the girl in me that had confidence.
That person who was sher-footed.

Where are you now?
I need you the most at this time.
Decisions are lurking, batting from one end to the other.
Finally, it was made.

Further down the line, it subsides a little.
Still, like the waters in the ocean.
Undisturbed by waves.

Unexpectedly, one hits the breakwater.
Breaking it, causing rocks to fall - big ones.
Again, I drown.
Two seconds in.

Emotions are thoughts,
or... thoughts are thought that begets emotions?
It's cyclical, but I will for it to end.



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