Pull Apart Sher

These past couple weeks have been nothing short of stressful. My internship experience has proven itself to be purposeful; seldom are there days where there isn't much to do. See, my coach is the talent acquisition manager, at least for the region, of the company that I work for. We have worked on three projects, thus far. However, given my status as 'Intern', I get to take part in other projects given by other managers. This week, especially, I feel pulled apart because at least two more managers require my time - one of which is the department lead for the Philippines, who wants me to prioritize her tasks. 

Despite everything, I am thankful that I am needed. Sometimes, it just takes some reflecting to realize that if I wasn't in the picture, perhaps they would be having a much harder time to get things done - given it's lenient structure. Overall, I'm learning that my title as intern doesn't set me apart from the rest of the team. In fact, I AM part of the team.

- S.


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