2307 and Uni

It has been a number of weeks now that I am permanently living at home (again, with my family), and not spending my weekdays in a box, also known as my condo.

Despite how small the space was, I am still very grateful to have spent four years of my life within the four walls of 2307. Honestly, saying goodbye to it was a lot harder than I anticipated because ALL OF THE MEMORIES flashed in my mind. Like when my friends and I took turns to wax our armpits, the time when I had roommates that did not sit well with me, the times when I'd come home exhausted from school, meetings, and rehearsals, the meals I prepared with my *favoured* roommates, drinking soju on the floor while munching on snacks and watching movies, consoling, praying, and a lot more.

If it had not been for the condo, I don't think I would have made such great memories with my friends, nor met other individuals, because knowing me, I would just go straight home, and avoid humans altogether (lol). Through this, I learned a lot about adjusting to other people, learning to make 'pakisama', being frank, and negotiation. In addition, some personal lessons, like doing deep cleaning of both kitchen and the bathroom. Important, y'all!

Overall, my sentimental self just could not handle saying goodbye to living an autonomous life, and what college had been. What made it bearable was this quote that I tend to go back to when situations like this arise.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" -Dr. Seuss

Aside from moving out, what I am most amused by is the fact that four years flew by. Just like a snap of the finger, one moment I was just entering school all unsure,  anti-social, afraid to talk to my classmates because of my "accent", and now here I am, waiting to embark on a rite of passage of what will symbolize the next chapter of my life.

What was college like for you guys?

When it comes to school involvement, I tried my best to be an all around student. I was not into joining the student government since I didn't have the passion for it, and I felt like it was too much of words and not do (although, kudos to those who had the heart to run for it!), and my personality didn't really fit with all the other big projects (a.k.a parties, etc.). So, what I did do was focus on my art, which is music, and making a difference, through my involvement with AIESEC.

My tip for those who are still in school: Join organizations, and believe in yourself! In the end, you will learn more about yourself, I guarantee it!

That's it for today, lovelies! Sorry for not posting. I've been going through some things that I'll write about in the future.

Have a great day. Cheers!



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