Morning routine, in words.

Before the alarm chimes at 6:30 am, I wake up naturally as my circadian rhythm takes over. These days, I fall asleep not a minute past 10 p.m. Upon opening my eyes, I am met by the blankness of my white ceiling, bitten by the cold air that leaks out of the air conditioning unit just above my head. I look to my right, and as expected, Hiro, my brown and white chihuahua, is curled up in a ball next to my abdomen, still sleeping. Usually, he'd be the one awake, barking at me to get up and let him outside. I cherish these few moments in bed, and just breath. Another morning, another day. Another moment spent alive on this earth. 

Slowly, my grogginess subsides, and I sit up, causing my bed to make a creaking sound. Likewise, Hiro stirs awake. I shake away the cold that surrounds my room, and listen as my siblings and mom get ready for school and work. When they settle down for breakfast, I make my way outside of my room, and go to the bathroom to wash my face, gargle my morning breath away, and pee. Feeling refreshed, I go downstairs, followed by the pitter-patter of Hiro's paws hitting the tile floor. 

Usually, I do not eat breakfast, but when I do, it's usually what my mom cooks for my siblings for their baon - or what is left over. However, my stomach settles for something light, and I prepare myself some Jasmine Green tea, a current favourite. Sipping hot tea in the morning helps me relax, and prep my mind for what is to come... which is, essentailly a bunch of lounging, watching either youtube or my favourite TV show on Netflix, and basic cleaning up around the house. 

After consuming my beverage, I wash the dishes, and walk the dogs. It is amusing to me when I look at Hiro, and as him if he'd like to go for a walk. His tail instantly goes wild, and he sits on the staircase and waits for me to put on his harness. I ready the two other dogs outside. After our morning walk, I take a bath, and start my lounging, watching either youtube or my favourite TV show on Netflix, and basic cleaning up around the house. 

In the near future, I hope for my morning routine to consist of me consistently taking up Fitness Blender workouts, which I have been doing, but not often enough, as well as cooking (as we have someone cook for the family everyday). Mornings should be for getting your head in straight for what is to come, and prepping yourself mentally for the tasks that you are to do for the day. 

How's your morning like?

- S.


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