(Mini) Roadtrip to Tagaytay!

Known for its breathtaking views, easy access to nearby beaches, and quaint garden spaces, Tagaytay is the perfect spot for a weekend (or weekday!) getaway. If you live in the South, it is along the National Highway, passing by Paseo de Sta. Rosa, and everyone's favourite, Nuvali! It is also accessible through SLEX if you take the Eton exit. Families from all over flock the vibrant city of Sta. Rosa on weekends and going there is a heavy feat as cars pile up as early as eight a.m. So friends, beware! 

A family friend, Zach, coming all the way from Ilo-Ilo, came to visit as he always does whenever he's in town. Our parents have grown closer over the years; in fact, we stayed in their home when we visited last May, 2016. As young adults, going on a mini road-trip is the perfect way to build on our acquaintance. Our trip was semi-planned. As an amateur (ish) driver, I am not that comfortable with driving the long winding roads of Tagaytay with our guest (and my brother, Sherwin) because my mom would always be behind the wheel, but given this opportunity, I made sure to drive extra safe.

The destination in mind was Bag of Beans, which is a quaint bed and breakfast just past the rotonda. I suggested it because of its homey atmosphere, and good food (sans the price). It reminds me of a cabin in the middle of the woods because of the trees outlining the view. Driving there, however, we passed by a container van food park called South StrEAT Gourmand Container Park, which stroke amusement to my brother. These food parks have been popping up like mushrooms, especially in Quezon City. Usually they'd be filled with franchises of restaurants, or start-ups that add a little twist to the traditional foods that we eat. Very... Millenial. Browsing through the different menus, the three of us settled for Mexican food (Nachos, and Soft Tacos), and Milkshakes (from Starr's). 

The Mexican food was good; the side of guacamole, on the other hand, was not. I expected a chunky, juicy, avocado-ey side, but what came out was a greenish-brown mush that was hot! Not refreshing at all. Zach also commented that for the price, it wasn't worth it. But you never know, until you try! The Starr's Milkshake, on the other hand, never disappoints the sweet craving, but Sherwin finds it a little too extra with the toppings (he ordered one with deep-fried Oreos). Nevertheless, good company made up for the [over-hyped] food. 

Fun fact about my brother and Zach: they are both on the road to being Mariners (or Seamen). The only difference is that Zach is older and is reviewing for his board exam, while my brother is on his last year of school. 

After our munchies, we made our way to Bag of Beans. I actually wanted to stop by the Puzzle Mansion, but we were losing sunlight and I was not up to driving in the dark in Tagaytay. The one thing that I wasn't looking forward to in Bag of Beans was the DEATHLY STEEP road that leads to it parking space. Thankfully, my heart settled when I stepped out of the car, breathed in the fresh, crisp air of Tagaytay, and felt the calming breeze. Which reminded me that it is the Ber-months and a little chill is expected. Remember how we just ate? You'd think that the food from StrEAT would settle, but nope, the boys kept at it! My brother ordered a burger, while Zach ordered a plate of pasta.

Mismatched lanterns hug the trees giving off a lived-in ambience
Picture taken by Me.
In the small amount of time, I learned so much about Zach! My brother, also engaged in conversation but he is a man of little words, and would interject once in a while. As Zach only comes to visit when he's in town, our chances of getting past our acquaintance is slim, but I notice that we have gotten more comfortable with our presence. I learned that our taste in music is the same; he was responsible for the tunes for the drive up, and he told interesting facts about the artists that we were listening to. I also learned from him this movement in the UK called 'Grime' a genre that he took a liking to in one of his trips. We also talked about his experiences on board for SEVEN MONTHS with a crew made up of mostly Indians, and Western Europeans, which made for an interesting dine-in in Bag of Beans. 

There was so much more that we wanted to stop by to taste and see; one of them being the Carabao Ice-cream, and Nuvali, but luck wasn't on our side was we were full to the brim, and the Friday-payday rush lead to no parking in Nuvali. It was past 8 p.m when the three of us made it safely back home, and ended the night with an episode of Rick and Morty (another recommendation from Zach). 

It was a good day that I thought I'd share with you guys! I say, when it comes to acquaintances that you know you vibe with, take the chance to get to know them, and be open -- not just because our parents were close, but opportunities to make new friends should never be one to be afraid of. You might learn something new! 

Thank you for reading!

- S.


  1. I'm glad you had a great time with Zach :) It's great when you're able to have a deeper connection with someone through conversations. I admire you as well for driving there!! :o #goals lol

    1. It's the little moments! And who doesn't like new friends? ^_^


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