What keeps you awake at night? Depending on where you are in the world, where your bedroom is situated, or if you have a roof over your head, the sounds we hear, and the thoughts that enter our minds are definitely different from that of our neighbors. Personally, what keeps me awake are the events that have transpired during the day, overthinking my actions, and of course, work that needs to be done for the next day, at least when I was still in school. I especially can't fall asleep when I come home from watching a horror/thriller movie.

Do you see where I'm going here?

Over the weekend, my brothers and I watched It. Yes, the movie, with the creepy clown (Sorry if this offends you, Pennywise, please don't kill me in my sleep - literally). The conditions of us going to the movie theatre were quite perfect for what we were going to watch. First, my brothers insisted that we go after dinner, with me being the driver. Second, we missed the earlier showing time, so we got pushed back a couple hours and watched the 9 p.m. showing; no worries as I was able to spend quality time with the boys. Third, the mall was emptying, and the stores were closing, and all I could think about was how eerie the mall would feel AFTER watching the film. And lastly, The movie theatre wasn't full, which meant lesser people to walk with on the way to the parking lot. These conditions in itself aren't so creepy, eh? pls sense sarcasm

Here is a short re-cap. There is a clown named Pennywise (It) who visits the town of Derry, Maine every twenty seven years. Every time he comes back, a mass of children disappear from their homes, and whatever happens to them remains unknown to their family and friends. All of this changed when Pennywise decides to EAT a young boy named George, whose disappearance stroke a huge quest for his brother, Bill, and his friends. They speculate that his body is in 'The Barrens', along with the other missing kids. In their quest to find George, It targets them, feeding off of their fears. Together, they conquer the evil that shadows their town, and saves the souls of those who fell victim to It.

I'm not one to spoil films for people, because I respect them enough to find out for themselves, but I thought I'd share a few realizations I came up with while half-watching** the film.

1. Face your fears, and It might fear you
Pennywise feeds off of people who are afraid. It isn't that being afraid is a bad thing, in fact it's a good indicator of being self-aware; however, Pennywise taking those who fear is a representation of individuals who allow their fear to consume them. In the case of the movie, Bill and his friends stood up to their fears, and in the end, they triumphed. Waking up and deciding that you will do something uncomfortable and you will be okay with it is the first step to facing your fear, and with this small act of courage, you're already acknowledging and accepting your fear, whatever it may be. You never know, maybe one day you wake up, and then your fear goes away after having encountered it again!

2. Stand up to those who belittle you
The presence of bullying was strong in this film, with it being set in the 80's where bullying was (and still is) rampant. I was fortunate enough to not be bullied growing up, but I definitely stand against it. I believe that it doesn't make you a better person when you make another feel like dirt. I also believe that standing up to your demons doesn't require you to retaliate with the same tactics. Always respond with kindness, because what goes around comes back around.

It also got me thinking how the bullies also have stories of their own. No one is inherently mean, I think. In It, the bullies are the ones who have the most insecurities, and when faced with those who abuse them like they abuse their classmates, they curl up in a ball, and become vulnerable. Let's pray for these lost souls, and hope that they find themselves in better things in the future.

3. The right people will always stay
The relationship between Bill and his friends is what spoke to me. They had rough patches, especially when they had different views on the situation, but in the end, they stuck together. Truly, those who choose to be with you during rough times are the same ones who chose to stay. Friendships that have endured trying times are strengthened by them also. Relationships like these, I believe, should not be taken for granted. Maybe they are meant to be in your life! (But also be considerate of yourself and pick and choose which ones are toxic)

**I say 'half-watching' because I abhor overstimulation  so I cover my ears, and occasionally shut my eyes. The sounds were crisp, and very accentuated (kudos to the foley artists!), and Pennywise's laugh *shudders*. For thrill seekers out there, or for those who want to dip their toes in this genre, It is a good film to watch in theatres! I rate this movie a 9/10.  Overall, I enjoyed it, and I honestly think I would have done better rather than hiding behind my eyelids.

- S.


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