Review: Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation

Two things: soft-matte, and hydrating. W H A T?!?! Who knew such a thing could exist, when in the beauty world, it's either matte OR hydrating. I don't know about you, but I am definitely intrigued.

**Before anything else, I just want to preface that this post is not sponsored, and I am not affiliated with Maybelline. This is just my personal opinion of the product, which I bought with my own money.**

This foundation comes in five shades, which are (from lightest to darkest): Nude, Sandy Beige, Pure Beige, Natural Beige, and Honey Beige. When I swatched the different shades, I was undecided on whether I was Pure Beige or Natural Beige. I find that one is too yellow (Pure Beige), while the other is too pink (Natural Beige), but I decided to go with 75 Natural Beige because I tend to have a pinker undertone on my face than the rest of my body. 

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I picked mine up from the nearest SM, but I am sure that you can find these in Watsons, or any mall that carries Maybelline products. This retails for 499 php. If you're interested, here is a link to where you can buy it online:

This product claims to leave you with a perfect, and smooth complexion with a soft-matte finish just like velvet, and that our skin will feel fresh with a lasting hydration. It contains 30 ml of product, or the standard, 1 fl. oz., which is perfect for traveling! Instead of a pump, it comes in a squeezy bottle which has its pros and cons. 

- You get to have control over how much product you're going to use, which means you get more use out of how much you pay.
- There is no waste, since you are going to be able to squeeze out product until the last drop, kind of like a toothpaste (if you're into that).                      
- Suitable for the formula, which is a gel type. 
- The topper is small, so be careful if you're a clumsy person like myself.
- It can get messy quickly if the topper is not screwed on tightly, so that's something to bear in mind. 

On an everyday basis, I'm not really one to go out with make-up on, so I'm not used to having product on my face, aside from moisturizer and sunscreen. But before writing this review, I gave this foundation a test-run and wore it 2-3 times.  I will be breaking this review into 3 parts: application, coverage, and longevity. But first, let's look at the before and after pictures! (o0o0 you get to see my face)

WELL HELLO, here is my face before application. I am fresh out of the shower, and have on a smidge of moisturizer all over my face. 

Typically, I apply Foundation/BB Cream straight with a sponge, but I find that this velvetty-gel formula applies better when you work it into your skin using your fingers first, and then blend with a sponge (mine is from BYS if I'm not mistaken. A good dupe for a beauty blender ^_^).

As we can see, it covered up my blemishes, the redness on my forehead and around my cheek, and chin, evened out, and brightened my skin tone. I like how you can still see what my skin looks like underneath. This product is also great because it is buildable, so it is very versatile in terms of use. One issue though is that it is a bit tacky after you work it into your skin, and it's dewy (which I don't mind) as it claim to be soft-matte.. so I guess it is forgivable.

P.S. I didn't realize how ashy it looked in pictures, but in real life, it blended well into my skin! 

Application: 4/5
It blends smoothly into the skin, and gets absorbed quickly as it is a gel formula. Although, I must note that it is tacky when I applied it. It is also a little bit streaky, and can be a bit patchy but since I applied it with my fingers first, it was expected. A little dabby-dab with a sponge fixed that quickly. My dry/combo skin is happy because it looks refreshed upon application.

Coverage: 5/5
With 1.5 pea sized dots, I was able to cover my whole face. Talk about product efficiency! I was amazed by how well it covered the redness, and dark spots where I have blemishes. It is a little light for my skin tone, but I was able to balance it out with a powder I used (also a Maybelling product) around areas where foundation tended to shift. As mentioned it is buildable to a light-medium coverage.

Longevity: 3/5
Now, this is the true test. I wasn't too impressed by it's longevity because after a while my fine lines (I'm only twenty, so the lines would be around my smile line) would show, and it would crease under my eyes. However, it doesn't settle into any pores, except for on the tip of my nose.

So that's a wrap! I guess you can make it last longer by using a setting spray, but as I said, I'm not really into heavy make-up. Also, it oxidizes a little bit, so that's best to keep in mind. And lastly, I would recommend (Maybelline dis for you, boo), to work on the range of colours, and the undertones as it can be TOO much of yellow or pink.  Overall, I'm impressed by this foundation, for what it's worth. 

Thanks for reading!

- S.


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