New Beginnings

Fresh out of college, and figuring out what life has to offer.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Sherlyn, or Sher, twenty years old, and currently... (f)unemployed. 

This is my personal blog, for the nth time, where I will be documenting my growth as an individual, professional, and everything else in between. I will also be posting about my thoughts, where I travelled to, movies I've watched, food, family, my dog, art, and poetry. Wow, that's a lot, eh? 

I figured I'd start anew, as I try to schedule writing and blogging more often. Well, I hope this short introduction will keep you guys on your toes for what is to come. Cheers! 

- S.


  1. I'm excited Sher!! I look forward to reading more of your writings! :)


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