'Indie' ko kinaya.

The Filipino Indie film industry has been killing (my wallet) it lately with original works by forefront and debuting directors and artists. Last July, we had Cinemalaya - an annual showcase of fresh indie films all put out for competition, usually held in the Cultural Centre of the Philippines (CCP). These usually touch on relevant social issues in the Philippines, and represents just how far artists can go in their form of art, in this case, film. This August, Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP), kind of similar to Cinemalaya, debuted its first run of Filipino made films submitted by Filipino filmmakers as an homage to Buwan ng Wika. 

It is very refreshing to experience a different side of the Filipino film industry, as it acknowledges that ordinary Filipinos have what it takes to make it to the big screen. I am not a seasoned viewer of every Filipino film that rolls out, however, in my experience, there seems to be a lackluster of rawness exhibited by some actors. (But that's just me, so don't take my word for it). Indie films, on the other hand, allow a lot more room for exploration because, frankly, that is what indie is all about. It is not meant to be for everyone, and it is clear that there is a vast subjectivity to what occurs on the screen; however, there are some that give it to you flat, in other words, hindi pilit. 

In these past weeks, I was fortunate enough to view a number of films during the festival dates, including Bliss, Kabisera (both from Cinemalaya), and 100 Tula Para Kay Stella (from PPP). In this blog post, I will be talking about a film that took the internet by storm due to its relatable storyline, as I've observed, and it is none other than...

100 Tula Para Kay Stella

Retrieved from: https://goo.gl/Uzb2tH

T H I S M O V I E. Is quite profound, actually. I don't want to spoil it, for those who have not yet watched, but it is a story of two individuals who... were just not meant to be. In a nutshell, Fidel writes Stella 100 poems expressing his appreciation, and love for her. Overall, I enjoyed the superb performance of both leads (starring Bella Padilla as Stella and JC Santos as Fidel), as they really suited their characters. I would not be surprised if they had similar qualities with who they are as a person. I must also note how there was character progression, which makes for a 'not-boring' movie. The cinematography is alright too, but I am not complaining because JC Santos. 

What I appreciated most about this film is how two different individuals can find likeness in each other. In a way, that is how you find yourself some friends, your special someone, or whoever. But, it made me think how relationships are easily formed, and that you don't have to try! Just be yourself. The right ones will always stay.

Also, I must note how much I appreciate Fidel writing 100 poems. Although sweet, it can be borderline creepy, and I would still appreciate it if they just said it flat out, which is important too! This leads me to my next point, if you want someone to know that you appreciate them, VERBALIZE. Some people are blind to your efforts, so as a reinforcement, it is better to let them know just how much you appreciate them. Lastly, never take advantage of the people around you. Always know your place because not only are you hurting the other person, you're also hurting yourself in the long run, because it severs the relationship you've had with them. 

My overall rating: 8.5/10. I would recommend this movie to those who are looking for a splash of kilig, sakal, and want to experience a bumpy ride!

'Til next time! 

- S.


  1. This post gave me more insight into the story. I kind of assumed that the girl was the typical manic pixie dream girl that every boy fantisizes about (which is overly used and I'm pretty tired of seeing), but this gave me a fresh perspective. Thanks for writing this, Sher!!

    1. Pleasure is mine, dear! Everyone's analysis is different. Thank you as well!


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