1. Stormy Night

I am on my bed, laying on my belly thinking of what to write, but nothing comes to mind as it is clouded with a conversation I had previously with a parent. The walls of my room are rumbling, my windows shaking, as the storm introduces itself intensely with strong winds, lightning, and earth shattering thunder. In moments like this, who would not worry? Certainly not me as I think about the dogs outside. Are they warm? The wind is pushing the rain in different directions, are they staying dry? It saddens me that two out of three of our family pets are being kept outside. Clearly, it was not a conjugal decision when it came to 'purchasing' them two years ago. 

My train of thought is taking me to the ethical production of life, especially when it comes to animals meant to be kept as pets. What are we, as human beings, to pair differently sexed animals of the same species and SELL their offspring? I often think about how different the society would see this if we were to take human babies as a replacement for dogs! It doesn't help that my interests lead me to watching snake videos, where thousands of snakes are being bred, or in my everyday life, seeing 'full bred' dogs being sold on the side of the street, ready for barter. People! In case you forget, this is life we are talking about, not an object that requires no care and love. Pertaining to dogs in particular, it saddens me when I see them tied up, and not integrated in the family. These poor babies, living a life of emotional neglect from irresponsible owners... (members of my family included). 

Now, we are off to the station of family. What is family? To what extent is an individual a family member to you? I'm sure it is deeper than being related by blood. Personally, a family is a group of individuals who live under the same roof, and are tolerable with each other (I cite no reference, as this is my personal observation and phenomenology of the word). If a 'member' is not in line with the collective vision, then by all means, he/she may step out. Does this actually happen in our present society? Perhaps not, because familial bond is strong among Filipinos. Or so they say. I don't know if I'm just being a leftist, or my introvert side is stealing the show for tonight, but honestly, family bonds can be a big circle of BS, in another lens. No man is an island, but if family is the one that brings you down, and is the reason for not reaching your full potential, it is better to be an island, and make your own family through the connections you make via your own agency (because as we all know, we don't choose who is our family).** 

We are on a roll here, people! Let's talk about human agency. Such a beautiful phenomenon, that many individuals don't get the chance to play with, and uphold with dignity. I am only twenty years old, and aware that I have agency. Be scared, (older) adults! In all seriousness, I believe that people should play with their agency once in a while. Although everything that we do in our life is completely our choice, it cannot be helped that there are external forces that influences the decision. A big way for people to exercise this is by learning how to say 'No', and sticking by that decision. For example, you're being forced to do something you're uncomfortable doing. Don't want to do it? N O. It's empowering, and gives you a piece of mind of what you like and don't like. All in all, agency just fascinates me; it is my favourite thing to observe when people interact!

The storm has subsided, and along with it, my strong urge to take you guys on a ride along Sher Ave. aboard the Train of Thought. It was fun to just write spontaneously about what comes to mind. I have decided that I will leave it R A W and unedited, as this will allow me to connect with anyone, other than myself. My views are my views and that's that. ** I am open to discuss any reactions this post may garner.

- S.

Topics covered: animal (Pet) trade, family, human agency


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